Multiple A-Cat boat types... Well our response was multiple sail designs and a variety of materials!

We’ve worked with Trigonis Konstantinos, Iago Lopez Marra to test our different ideas. Gonzalo Redondo, the designer of the AD3 boats, also participated in the fine-tuning of the A-Cat sail design.

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We offer the A-Cat sails to all brands of boats, all types of masts and crew weights.

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Watch out! Something new is coming in 2021!
We are working on a new design with a new material! Details coming soon!


In the past couple of years you could be sure of one thing about the A-Cat nationals: A 1D Sails A-Cat sailor will be standing on the podium.

A-Cat Product Details

Whether your boat is the classic A-Cat we know and love or a new design, we have something for you! A Classic design will boost your speed while the shape of our Decksweaper design will make your sail fly faster than the sound of the waves!
In addition, we offer a variation of materials with the matching cut that brings your sail to perfection.


The 1D Sails for A-Cats are made in two shapes matching perfectly your boat type no matter what brand it is.

The Classic design is the perfect choice for classic A-Cat boats where the sail will reach your boom.

The Decksweaper design is made for newer, „flying” A-Cat boats, where the sail will reach the deck. All of our DS sails are equipped with rocket batten tensioner system.


Pentex – RADIAL Design
In high-wind conditions, you’ll want our radial construction with a flatter design, that gives you the ultimate speed and maximum flexibility thanks to the light, pentex material, we’ve chosen.

Technora – CROSSCUT Design
This A-Cat sail is our all-round sail, which is used by our team as well. It offers you power in lower wind-end and speed when the wind picks up.
We can make this sail from Maxx material with the Technora fibers inside. This version offers you stiffness, but still some flexibility. The other edition is made from EnduMaxx, equally with the Technora fibers inside, creating a more rigid sail where you can form the mast better.

Membrane – CROSSCUT Design
While the shape and crosscut design is the same as the „Technora Crosscut version”, here the fibers in this sail follow the shape and the wind/forces, maximising the potential of the design. Two fiber optiones are available: a polyester fibre for maximum flexibility at a lower price or Technora / Dyneema fibers resulting a stiffer sail at a higher price range.


For further details on the Tornado Sails or pricing don’t hesitate to contact us! Please help us by adding in the details as described in our ‘How to Order’ guide.

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