Since Emmanuel LeChapelier started to race with a 1D Sails F16 we're continuously collaborating with him to improve the design of these sail sets.

Since our work started the 1D F16s won many national and European titles. The 1D Sails fit all boat types and brand, so it’s your choice to pick your combo! Let’s go sailing!

NEW - F16 Class legal full luff length DeckSweaper sails

It’s official! Finally the F16 class allows the full luff length DeckSweaper sails from 2022!

The 1D team is continuously working on a newer, faster sail set with a DeckSweaper mainsail. We’ve worked with Emmanuel LeChapier on the F16 class sails from the early days and we continue this collaboration with the DeckSweaper mainsail project. As we’ve designed and produce DeckSweaper sails for the F18 and Acat classes since 2017, and for Moth sails since 2020 we’ll implement all the learnings into this new F16 design.

DeckSweaper results

The 1D DeckSweaper sails are ruling the F18 class podiums since 2018 on local and international events. We’ve improved the handling and performance ratio in 2021 that also added to the performance of the teams sailing with 1D sails to win European and World championships.

Order your F16 DS sails at an introductory price

You can find pricing details and order your F16 DS sails in our webshop

By purchasing your sail you also get access to the 1D Sails Club, a closed facebook group where you can find:

  • Tutorial videos on the sail’s set up and use
  • Knowledgebase on how to tune your sails and boats
  • Inspiring community, where we help each other to push your limits, pushing you further, reaching greater speed and results
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We offer the F16 sails to all brands of boats, all types of masts and crew weights.

  • CLASS:

    Formula 16




    Polyester: Fragile material, that needs to be taken out from the snuffer and dried and folded carefully at the end of the day. It gives you a higher speed, and holds it shape longer, even if the material starts to wear out.
    Nylon: A durable material, that you can hold in your snuffer bag even, and while the material will last longer, the lifetime of it's shape will last shorter.


    Polyester: White, Red, Blue
    Nylon: Multiple colour choices - ask for details


    Pentex: Strong and durable material, yet affordable.
    Membrane: A lighter material compared to pentex, with greater shape holding and durability, asa result also a bit more expensive.


    White, Silver, Smoke, Black

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We can’t wait to see how you perform on the upcoming F16 Nationals and Europeans! In the past years, the F16 sets proved their speed, power and performance and got to the podium! This doesn’t mean we stop improving the design! This is just some additional motivation to up our game, cause we want to see you win!

F16 Product

We have an essential and a premium line for you in this sailing class with a variety of materials available in many colours.


We recommend these sails for those sailors who invest into a durable, long lasting, high-quality equipment, knowing that the sails were created by the know-how of the racing sails.

  • The 1D Sails F16 Essential sail sets are similar to other brand’s sails of the same class in design, shape, and use of materials.

A winning sail set that is compatible with all F16 boat types and brands.

Details compared to F16 Essential
  • Perfect performance in any conditions
  • Batten tension system created for racing with extra durability
  • Different corner construction, for better load handling and for more precise trimming
  • Construction based differences optimised for speed and performance, while the shape is kept the same, complementing the mainsail perfectly
  • Shape and construction optimised for downwind, created in both material options - nylon or polyester

For further details on the F16 Sails or pricing don’t hesitate to contact us! Please help us by adding in the details as described in our ‘How to Order’ guide.

Make sure you get your sails on time and book your production! We are a small loft, and we work hard to deliver your sails on time, by booking in you help our planning!

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