The F18 Decksweapers are the flagship sails of our brand. Great design, high-quality materials and attention to details creates perfection.

The results and the popularity of these sails are thanks to the outstanding design that we’ve worked on and been developing continuously with “the big names” of the sailing world, such as Dany Paschalidis, Trigonis Konstantinos, Mitch Booth and his family, and Darren Bundock who won the 2019 World Championship with a 1D Sail.

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We offer the F18 sails to all brands of boats, all types of masts and crew weights.
Many of the Scorpions are equipped with 1D Sails. We are official sail suppliers for Cirrus Catamarans and Falcon F18s.

  • CLASS:

    Formula 18




    Polyester: Fragile material, that needs to be taken out from the snuffer and dried and folded carefully at the end of the day. It gives you a higher speed, and holds it shape longer, even if the material starts to wear out.
    Nylon: A durable material, that you can hold in your snuffer bag even, and while the material will last longer, the lifetime of it's shape will last shorter.


    Polyester: White, Red, Blue
    Nylon: Multiple colour choices - ask for details




    White, Silver, Smoke, Black

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As the F18 1D Sails are compatible with all boat and brand types the F18 class proved it’s potential in the past couple of years. The 1D Sail sets won in Argentina, Spain, Italy, and on international regattas. But what really makes this sail type unique is the number of sailors who chose the 1D brand, shape and quality that was designed for racing.
In the Argentinian and Spanish Nationals the majority (70+%) of the fleet were 1D Sails.

In 2019 more than 40% of the F18 World Championship fleet sailed with 1D Sails.

F18 Product Lines


We recommend these sails for those sailors who invest into a durable, long lasting, high-quality equipment, knowing that the sails were created by the know-how of the racing sails.

  • The 1D Sails F18 Essential sail sets are similar to other brand’s sails of the same class in design, shape, and use of materials.

The 1D F18 Premium line is our most common and most purchased type of sail for those sailors who want the experience and speed of the race outside the regattas.

Details compared to F18 Essential
  • Perfect performance in any conditions
  • Modified and strengthened sail construction on the corners and on the flap
  • Better force transition from sheet/cunningham to the sail
  • Updated batten placement and tightening system
  • Upgraded shape for immediate acceleration after tack or gybe
  • New batten stiffness for light and heavy weather
  • Different perimeter, lower vertical camber, more power
  • Different leech curve, construction and exit angles for better flow transition to the mainsail
  • The new clew board plate helps to change the sheeting angle easier, faster
  • Higher aspect ratio, modified and refined exit angles, different twist and lower shape
  • Easier handling, as it transmits the power immediately after gybing
  • The boat needs a slightly different setup compared to other spinnakers

The 1D F18 Pro Series Sails are suggested for top sailors who want to beat the competition and be the first at the finish line!

These sets of sails are available only in limited quantity. We produce only 15 sets per year.
Details compared to F18 PREMIUM
  • Antifriction rings instead of only-webbing for cunningham for easier and more precise cunningham usage with dyneema webbing
  • Extra eyelets for decksweaper to shape that part better during racing
  • New type of rocket tensioning system, lighter, stronger

For further details on the F18 Sails or pricing don’t hesitate to contact us! Please help us by adding in the details as described in our ‘How to Order’ guide.

Make sure you get your sails on time and book your production! We are a small loft, and we work hard to deliver your sails on time, by booking in you help our planning!

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