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Marton Balázs

Hello There! I’m the Technical Director and Sail Designer at 1D Sails

When did the love for sails and boats start?

I’ve started to work with sailboats when I was a child. I swear I have tiny boats floating in my veins. Later I’ve learnt boatbuilding and naval architecture and rebuilt several famous libera yachts.

One of your key phrases that you define yourself with is ‘adrenaline addict’. Where does this come from?

Championships and the excitement of the race is burnt into my receptors. I’ve competed in several classes, with several great results, including winning Kékszalag, one of the biggest Hungarian championships and many 2nd and 3rd places. It’s an unforgettable feeling and I want our sailors to feel the same dose of adrenaline that I did.

How did you start making sails? Who inspired you?

I’ve learnt sailmaking and design from Pablo Soldano in 2010 and now I’m responsible for the design and continuous development of our sails. Our road lead us to catamaran sails, which is what the 1D Sails team is now famous for.

What’s your goal? What’s the value that you provide to those who choose your brand and sails?

While my life is now less about sailing, my goal is to have the happiest sailor crew possible, by providing them with the best sails. Our end-to-end approach does not stop at delivery, coaching is part of our development cycle. And the results speak for themselves.

marton balazs

Marton Balázs

Technical Director and Sail Designer

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