A badass team and some experimental design with ideas taken from the windfoiling world made this fantastic, lightweight sail happen!

The 1D Sails moth development was led by the moth guru, Kevin Ellway and Ellway Aero-Hydrodynamics. Kevin’s experience in sail, foil and boat design and our love for this catsailing class was a guarantee that something great is going to happen. And we need to say, the results haven’t disappointed us!

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We offer the Moth sails to all brands of boats, all types of masts and crew weights.


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Carlo de Paoli Ambrosi

As soon as I learnt about the partnership between 1D Sails and the designer Kevin Ellway, I straight joined the team. We are doing some test on the first sails and the performance is already impressive.

Carlo de Paoli Ambrosi
In 2019 the 1D Moth Sails have proved themselves on multiple national regattas!

Moth Features

The construction itself is our own design, therefore the materials, the panel layouts and construction methods are unique to the 1D Sails brand.The 1D Moth design is improved and enhanced by our experience that we’ve gained during the development of windsurfs, catamaran sails and windfoiling sails. Unique and unexpected things happen when we combine different fields and add/try/experiment with things that other brands, focused on only one area won’t be able to achieve. So here is to our experiment!

Unique wide luff sleeve

The 1D Moth Sail is designed with a wide luff sleeve that’s unique in the sailing world. The idea came from our windfoiling experience and windfoiling sail design.

Perfect luff curve and seam shaping

We found the perfect sail shape that is equally adjustable in upwind and downwind in the various weather and wind conditions. Sailors are able to set the sail into the required shape, to achieve maximum speed.

Strong, stiff but light materials

Our choice was a strong and stiff material, that allows us to build lighter sails without the long production time of a custom made material. On the mast sleeve we use a stiff but light material that supports the sail from every direction.

Short roll cam

We decided to use a short roll cam as it helps to keep the nice entry angle of the sail we designed, while having a really nice rotation.


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