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Panka Csepregi

Panka Csepregi

Chief Executive Officer

Panka Csepregi

Hello There! I’m the Chief Executive Officer of 1D Sails.

Motorboats or sails? What’s the deal here?

I come from an old boating family. Just imagine my dad’s face when I started sailing as a child when he had a speed and motorboat business. I was a true rebel.

How do you feel about 1D Sails?

Proud! Super proud!
I was part of 1D Sails from step one, and it’s an incredible feeling to see how our business has changed and how our horizons and capabilities expanded and grew.
I’m now responsible for the management, marketing, communication and team of 1D Sails.

As you work with a small team, I bet your ‘To Do List’ is endless. How do you manage work and private life?

This is not just a job for me. This is part of me, my life and my family and a passion that I’m happy to continuously think about at the back of my head all day, even if I’m not at the loft. I usually have a 1000 tabs opened in my mind, with a billion ideas for 1D Sails future.

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